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Optalitix Models

Unleash your models in the Cloud to give them unlimited scale with our no-code platform. Models converted in less than 5 minutes.

Why Optalitix Models

Capitalise on the investment in your Excel models and reduce development costs by converting existing models into scalable cloud-based systems. Manage models in production environment, update them easily and connect them to any system.

The headline stats

Models hosted
Calculations per month
Calculations per annum
Model upload time

Integrate with your models

Host any model in minutes with API integrations allowing any developer to connect from any other system, reducing integration costs and development time. Any Excel model can be hosted with no-code needed, as well as many other model types.

Create scalable web forms

Optalitix Models enables you to connect your Excel, Python and R models to any system. Securely create scalable web forms and APIs, via a user friendly and powerful dashboard.

Track model versions

Easily configure, test and update your models, all while gaining access to detailed logging. Track versions and troubleshoot with ease. Monitor model usage to improve model governance.

Fastest no-code spreadsheet model converter.

Our no-code system provides the fastest method to convert your models into a cloud-hosted API with an easy-to-use user interface that allows spreadsheets to be converted in minutes.

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Fully Featured
Simple system integration
Use Excel model with no changes
Model governance
Massively scalable
Fully secure & GDPR compliant


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Our system is built for the user, with a simplified journey and easy user experience ensuring anyone can configure rules, set data reporting periods and provide user access.

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