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Why Optalitix Quote

Optalitix Quote is the only underwriting workbench that allows the underwriter to embed their existing Excel models (and any other model), reducing system development time and speed to market.

We support hundreds of underwriters in their work and understand the functionality they need to improve insight and boost their pricing capability while making the system easy to use.

Optalitix Quote has all the functionality needed for insurance pricing including geomapping, scenario analysis, hazard data enrichment and many more.

The headline stats

Underwriters using Optalitix platforms
Insurers using Optalitix platforms

Better understanding of risk

Quote provides valuable insights on underlying risk, including connections to external data sources and risk aggregations to ensure the underwriter has the best risk insight in the market.

Enrich quotes with external data

Automatic integration with external data providers allows quotes to be enriched to increase insight, and then visualised using our geomapping capabilities.

Rapidly deploy existing models

Optalitix Quote enables underwriters to add their own models to the underwriting workflow, ensuring that intellectual property developed over the years can be used and protected.

Enhance pricing oversight

Quote provides monitoring dashboards, quote governance and audit trails, ensuring risk oversight for management and reducing operational risk.

Fastest underwriting workbench

Our workbench is designed to be rapidly deployable, with pre-configured set-up for a range of underwriting types and the ability to convert existing pricing models reducing development time.

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Can I use this to price any insurance line?
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Our system is built for the user, with a simplified journey and easy user experience ensuring anyone can configure rules, set data reporting periods and provide user access.

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