What we do

Optalitix believes that partnerships create value. That helps our clients, and our partners too. Contact us about our partnership program.

Why partner with us?

  • Grow your business with us.
  • Expand your client offering with our award-winning products.
  • Our API-enabled products are built to integrate easily with partner systems.
  • Products are easily configurable.
  • Create a best-in-class ecosystem for your customers.

We have a range of options for companies that want to partner with Optalitix:

  1. Technical partners: Assist clients in implementing our products.
  2. Software products: Connect to our systems and provide top-rated software to compliment Optalitix’s products.
  3. Sales partners: Sell Optalitix products to your existing clients.

Join the insurtech revolution -  partner with us today.

Become a partner

Our system is built for the user, with a simplified journey and easy user experience ensuring anyone can configure rules, set data reporting periods and provide user access.

Partner with Optalitix to boost sales today