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Optalitix Originate

Revolutionise your lending process and become a market leader with Optalitix Originate.

Why Optalitix Originate

The Optalitix Originate cloud lending platform streamlines the lending process and improves profitability.  

Our clients experience seamless interactions with their customers and brokers via fully integrated portals and operational, managerial and portfolio dashboards. 

Our loan origination platform automates the lending process and improves profitability with an efficient and compliant lending process.  Our clients trust it to issue over £7bn of loans.

Creating real value for clients

Loans underwritten to date
Loans issued
Brokers connected
Brokerages integrated

Better credit decisions

Underwriters can now access credit data in a single platform, enabling faster and better decisions. All lending decisions are tracked and reported on, with customisable authorisation levels, and is fully integrated into credit platforms to reduce double entry and eliminate errors.

Greater efficiency

Promote seamless real time interactions between underwriters, brokers and customers via secure online portals in a single fully configurable no-code platform.

Dynamic products and flexible workflow

Clients take advantage of changing markets by rapidly launching customisable products.  Our workflow is self-serve and configurable adapting to client processes as they grow. Updating the workflow, products and calculations is as simple as using a spreadsheet.

Fully configurable.

Our system can be configured for any lending workflow, with pre-configured templates to increase speed to market. The Originate platform ensures lenders have the lowest cost of development and reduces the operational impact.

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Fully Featured
Hosts Excel and other credit models
Enhanced API integrations
Multiple online portal configurations
Connected to external credit data
Data warehousing and dashboarding
Security & GDPR


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Our system is built for the user, with a simplified journey and easy user experience ensuring anyone can configure rules, set data reporting periods and provide user access.

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