Reduce your number of cancellations with drop off management

Optalitix can help you run effective drop-off management, reducing your cancellations and any customers that might be dropping out and losing you time and revenue. We use a combination of data analytics and AI to provide a fully integrated and successful solution.  

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What is drop off management?

Drop off management is the practice of monitoring your drop offs or cancellations for your business. When providing a service to the public or other businesses, it is inevitable that people are going to cancel their orders, not show up or essentially ‘drop off’ – and this means a loss of revenue to the company.

Drop off management will look very closely at why these individuals or companies are dropping off – and how this can be reduced in any way possible.

Similar to ‘cancellation management,’ managing your drop-offs will involve looking at different patterns and putting systems in place to limit your drop-offs, increase sales and revenue.

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Do I need drop off management?

Managing your cancellations or drop-offs is something that is often overlooked by companies, but it could be responsible for thousands or millions of pounds’ worth in annual revenue to a company.

Even if you have a few hundred or thousand individuals or orders that are dropping-off each month, just improving this by 1% or 3% could result in huge sums of revenue earned.

Drop-off management should be seen as an investment, whereby putting systems in place could return a significant ROI and repeat business too.

Drop-off management can be used for the following:

  • Dental and doctor’s clinics
  • eCommerce websites and sales
  • Flights and travel
  • Hotels and bookings
  • Loan and insurance applications

How can Optalitix help with drop off management?

Optalitix is an innovative data solutions company, dedicated to helping companies of all sizes solve their data problems and put procedures into place to help them grow, reduce cancellations and become more profitable. We approach drop off management in the following way:

Analyse data – We start by taking our team of data scientists and analysing thousands of pieces of data, to better understand why people are dropping off and what factors are contributing towards this.

Build models – We take your huge volumes of data, find patterns and build models that will provide solutions. Depending on the customer and the circumstances, we can understand what kind of behaviour drops off and what we can offer to ensure they do not.

Integration – Our models can be integrated using APIs and our team of project managers can help you add this to your system with ease.  

Use AI and machine learning – Our product uses AI and machine learning so that we can understand patterns of drop off behaviour and our systems will continue to learn automatically, making it more efficient, smarter and scalable.

Reporting – Access real-time reporting and see how your drop-offs are decreasing and improving over time.

What factors are considered in drop-off management?

  • Times of day
  • Types of customers
  • Pricing of products
  • Use of reminders and alerts
  • Offers and discounts

Private GPs see 5% less cancellations with Optalitix

We worked closely with the London Doctor’s Clinic and helped reduce drop-offs and customer cancellations by 5% – resulting in thousands of successful appointments and an increase in revenue.


Get drop-off management for your business or start-up

If you are looking for effective drop off management, Optalitix can use the latest technology and offer a full solution to manage the entire process from start to finish.

Optalitix was founded in 2012 and can help your grow and scale your business in the most cost-effective way possible.

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