Intelligent credit analysis to reduce default rates

Optalitix can help you lower default rates through effective credit risk analysis. Improve your underwriting and scoring of customers and integrate this effectively into your current business.

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What is credit analysis?

Credit analysis refers to the methods taken during an application to determine whether an individual or company can fulfil their financial obligations and essentially repay their loan on time.

Credit analysis is made up of qualitative and quantitative methods to determine a borrower’s eligibility.

When applying for any type of loan from a bank or a financial institution, the application will usually undergo a number of credit checks and the ability to analyse this information can make a big difference in terms of successful repayment and lowering defaults.

Optalitix can offer:

  • Credit analysis for start-ups
  • Credit analysis for lenders
  • Credit analysis for banks
  • Credit analysis for small businesses

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What are the 5 C’s of credit analysis?

Character – Analysis on the individual borrower based on their background and experience

Capacity – The borrower’s ability to repay based on history, affordability and access to funds.

Capital – How much the borrower is willing to risk their own capital or assets to borrow money.

Conditions – Understanding what the loan is for (e.g debt or growth) and how this might impact repayment.

Collateral – What the borrower is using as collateral or guarantees and the quality and value of this security.

What are the benefits of credit analysis when done effectively?

When credit analysis is conducted effectively, a lender will be able to maximise the number of loans they fund, the value of those loans and minimise any bad debts.

Having bad debts can be the biggest strain on any company that offers finance, in terms of added costs to recover this debt and the impact on profits.

When all credit factors are taken into consideration and analysed successfully, the lender should be able to maximise their profits and minimise their default rates.

How can Optalitix help with your credit risk analysis?

At Optalitix, data analysis is our speciality and we would begin any project by taking millions of data points from your business and analysing them to find any patterns amongst your customers.

Using AI and machine learning, we will build models using the patterns we have found and integrate these into your business systems using APIs.

In addition, we have our own bespoke products which are designed for scaling the credit and underwriting process:

Leads Manager – Manage any leads coming into your business and monitor their progress to maximise conversions.

Acumen – Create underwriting decisions and integrate these easily without needing a developer

Underwrite – Track your underwriting progress, create diary entries and store policy documents


Why use Optalitix for credit analysis?

Optalitix was founded in 2012 and has already worked with some of the UK’s largest brokers and lenders in finance. Our team is made up of data and actuarial scientists and also project managers to help integrate the more technical bits into your business.

We use the latest and innovate data solutions to help make noticeable and scalable changes to your business. Through the use of AI solutions, we can teach your business to become smarter, constantly learn and analyse credit better than any other company in your industry.

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