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    EFMA Financial Newtch Watchlist 2021

    Proud to be award winning in Insurtech

    Our work in Insurtech has received recognition industry wide including Oxbow Insuretech Impact 25, Insurance Times Awards 2021 and EFMA.

    Our clients

    London Doctors Clinic
    United Trust Bank
    Dale Underwriting Partners

    What they say
    about us

    Optalitix's software products and analytics experts enabled UTB to build market-leading credit portals. Their professionalism, dedication and drive for innovation make them a joy to work with and give UTB a distinct advantage in our market.

    Harley Kagan, MD
    United Trust Bank

    Optalitix gives us clearer insight into our business using their advanced analytics tools and their AI-driven products. This has improved our financial performance across a broad range of metrics.

    David Mezher, CEO
    London Doctors Clinic

    Optalitix implements AI in the Vitality Health customer journey, ensuring the application process is efficient and intuitive. This has optimised our direct to customer acquisition performance resulting in a significant uplift in our direct sales.

    Dave Priestley, CDO
    Vitality Health

    Grow your business using big data

    • Can't handle all your data? We can help you build models, store your data and integrate it into your business to maximise your organisation goals.
    • Risk assessment and fraud - Perfect for insurance, finance and banking, big data can detect fraudulent activity and make your processes more efficient.
    • Goal driven - We utilise big data to generate better processes in your business, drive conversions and maximise profits.

    Big data companies like Optalitix can help you organise, manage and interpret your data to maximise efficiency in your organisation.

    Big data refers to how companies today will generate vast sums of data from their users, customers, transactions and their clients. This data can be used commercially to find patterns and improve processes - which ultimately saves you money and boosts your bottomline.

    At Optalitix, we have a team of data scientists who will analyse millions of data points and build models that can be integrated into your business using APIs or our own custom technology.

    With a proven track record in finance, insurance, tech, health and more, our big data solutions can be applied to any industry and we can help turn your data into a competitive advantage today. Plus, we have the added expertise of using machine learning and AI to help your data get smarter and continue to maximise productivity.

    Let us show you how big data can make your business grow - contact Optalitix today by email on info@optalitix.com or call today on 020 3713 9585.

    Why Use Optalitix for Big Data?


    Build your data and analytics strategy

    We are used to analysing millions of data points and finding insights and patterns that businesses may not be aware of. Our role is find out how their practices can improve the quality of your daily business and positively impact your bottomline.


    Manage your data

    If you have a large volume of data and it is coming in at a fast rate, we can help you organise and manage this in the most business-oriented and cost-effective way possible.


    Integrate your data

    We have already integrated over 20 million APIs to date and have a combination of account managers and developers to ensure a smooth integration of any big data from start to finish.