Underwriting Software Systems for Loans and Insurance Companies


Optalitix offers an effective underwriting software for fast-growing insurance and loans companies. Our technology allows you to monitor every aspect of the underwriting flow and make rapid decisions without the use of developers.

Our company was founded in 2012 and has been delivering innovative underwriting systems and processes for some of the UK’s largest insurers, lenders and brokers.

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What is included in the underwriting software from Optalitix?

  1. Track the underwriting flow

• Track applications through the underwriting journey with screens customised by login roles (underwriter, broker, applicant)

• Customisable MI screens that can adapt to the metrics you need to measure


• Unlock information about your customers

• Highlight individuals or groups to target

• Screen designed for each user in their specific roles (e.g. broker, underwriter

tracking work flow

2. Create a trackable underwriting workflow

Each application can be tracked through each step in the underwriting process


3. Underwriting metrics for consistent and rapid decisions

Key underwriting metrics can be designed using insurer models to highlight underwriting risk issues.

underwriting metrics

4. Create underwriting diary entries

Diary entries can be created for each applicant to allow for reminders in the underwriting process.

diary entries

5. Track application status across the portfolio

The status of each application can be tracked and aggregated across the insurance portfolio to identify blockages.

track application status

6. Dynamic document store

Documents can be stored on the system with dynamic links to populate application informatio

document library

7. Manage brokers and underwriters using the system

  • Multiple brokers can then be added to each master broker account
  • Each broker organization can be set up on the server
manage brokers

Why should I use underwriting software from Optalitix?

Our underwriting software can be easily integrated into your own systems or you can use our loans management software or insurance software if you would like the full package.

Our team includes a number of developers and account managers to ensure a smooth transition of any technology and APIs.

The issue with a lot of underwriting platforms and tools is that any changes need to be carried out manually by the third party and this can often result in a delay and slow down the overall productivity of the company.

Importantly, our underwriting system allows for rapid changes and immediate updates, without the need for any developers. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to optimise your scorecards and risk assessment and generate the best value possible.

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We offer a bespoke underwriting solution for every client that we work with and would be delighted to hear your requirements and how we can assist you.

Optalitix also has a speciality in artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning – and we are able to process any of your underwriting data and provide deep insights into your insurance or finance business. We have the ability to find patterns, create models and integrated AI technology into your business to grow and scale it as much as possible.

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