Loans Management Software for your Business or Start-Up

If you are looking for a loans management software for your new or existing loans companies, Optalitix can offer a full solution to manage the entire loans process from start to finish.

Optalitix was founded in 2012 and has been powering the back-end of some of the UK’s largest lenders and brokers – helping your grow and scale your business in the most cost-effective way possible.

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  • loans software for bridging loans
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Our clients


Our loans software product

  1. Leads Manager – Manage any leads coming into your business and monitor their progress to maximise conversions.
  2. Acumen – Create underwriting decisions and integrate these easily without needing a developer
  3. Underwrite – Track your underwriting progress, create diary entries and store policy documents

What loans management software is available from Optalitix?

  • Customer journey
  • Leads management (for customer service)
  • Underwriting and decision engine
  • Funding and payment processing
  • Triggers such as emails and SMS
  • Drop-off management and conversion optimisation
  • Data analytics and reporting
  • Security and data protection

Customer journey – You can design a bespoke customer journey to include all the necessary field and make regular adjustments to the size of the form, the number of questions and pages. Make sure you get all the right information from the customer and optimise your form to boost conversions.

Leads management – Log into your own leads management tool so you can monitor all live leads as they come in and work on any existing cases. Keep a diary and make live notes for quality and compliance purposes. This platform can be used by your entire customer service and collections team.


Underwriting and decision engine – Simply integrate your underwriting and scoring process and make rapid adjustments and changes to decision, without the need of a developer using our tool known as Acumen. Create a scalable underwriting process that can be used to service thousands of customers daily. Connect your system to credit reference agencies and any other underwriting systems.

Funding and payment processing – Manage all payments and collections and make simple integrations with your bank account and other payment gateways.

Triggers – Create automated email and SMS messages to be sent to customers at different stages of the loan application and customer journey. Use these triggers to maximise quality of customer service, boost conversion and collections rate.

Drop-off management – Use our data and analytics tool to oversee your drop-off management. Minimise customers ‘dropping off’ and stay on top of your conversion rate to boost funding and collections.

Data analytics and reporting – Use our live reporting and access real-time information about your customers, who is being funded and who is repaying on time. Use this information to build models and optimise your underwriting processes and scorecard.

Security and data protection – All data stored on our loans management software is fully secure and encrypted to protect your customer’s data and meet your regulatory obligations.

Compliance – Your processes can be made and adjusted to make sure you are compliant with FCA, SEC or SMCR.

Do I need a loans management software?

Whilst some loan companies prefer to build management software in-house, there are a lot of benefits for using a solution like the one available from Optalitix.

For those start-ups or businesses with tight deadlines, the opportunity to use a proven and functioning software can help you getting running and operational as soon as possible.

The tools offered by Optalitix including Leads Manager, Acumen and Underwrite can be easily integrated and white-labelled according to your brand’s requirements.

Plus, our systems allow for rapid changes to your customer journey and underwriting decisions without the need for a developer – reducing the need to have a team in-house.

Why use Optalitix as your loans management software?

We are an innovative and passionate team of actuary scientists and data analytics with a proven track record in the loans and finance industry in the UK.

We offer the expertise and implementation to grow and successfully scale your insurance business. With a combination of project managers and developers, we are used to integrating all kinds of systems and meeting the demands and deadlines of any emerging business.

Optalitix also has a speciality in AI and machine learning and can help analyse your data and build models to further grow your company.

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