Optalitix, the specialist data analytics solutions provider, announces that Juniper, a new reproductive health insurance provider, has selected ‘Optalitix Models’ to ensure fast, accurate quotations and a seamless service to brokers promoting its new offering to the market

As a new entrant, it was crucial that the business set itself up for success with modern, fast, and efficient systems. ‘Optalitix Models’ ensures consistent pricing for comprehensive coverage, with easy access for brokers, their clients, and employees to Juniper’s market-first products.


Greg Gwilliam, Head of Insurance Platforms Optalitix, said: “Wewelcome Juniper as a partner. Their business covers a much-needed gap in thehealth insurance space and with Optalitix Models it will be perfectlypositioned to seamlessly and easily scale up operations as demand for its productsgrows. Juniper has a very bright future.”


By using ‘Optalitix Models’, Juniper will be able to place its Excelmodels in the cloud with API integrations via a scalable operating system in acontrolled environment. This enables enhanced audittrails, testing, progressive adoption, and correction without being limited byinefficient procedures or infinitely versioned Excel files with significantdiscrepancies.


“Working with Optalitix enables Juniper to ensure our reproductive health cover is the most comprehensive, inclusive, and seamless-to-use offering available,” says Sam Pratt, Co-founder and CTO at Juniper. “In our industry, data lacks uniformity and processes are often exceedingly manual, which makes using the correct pricing model challenging.


“Parsing and normalising Excel spreadsheets is not our core business, and the effort required to get it right was immense. With Optalitix,we keep collaboration and iteration high, and maintain a single source of truth without building an expensive in-house solution. Impressively, Optalitix had our models imported, running, and integrated in under a day,” he added.

Optalitix is an insurance software company providing a platform for pricing and underwriting insurance policies. Optalitix provides two online products: Optalitix Models, which enables any model to be hosted and managed in the Cloud with integrations to corepolicy systems; and Optalitix Quote, which provides a pricing platform and underwriting workbench for underwriting departments.

 Greg Gwilliam
Greg Gwilliam

Greg is the Head of Insurance Platforms at Optalitix. He manages the analytics team to provide high-quality solutions to insurance companies and banks to provide insight and increase profits. He is a qualified actuary who specialises in Life Insurance, Catastrophe Risk and Investment.

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