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August 9, 2022

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Generating sales requires a lot of work by the sales team, especially in insurance. This means that each sale costs time and money, resulting in a high cost of acquisition. This cost can be managed using smart tools – and it is now very easy to build them using Optalitix Models’ proven sales model templatesOur sales models have proven uplifts for clients of over 50%, enabling clients to create their own sales predictors which increase sales, reduce acquisition costs and drive a more high value sales process for the client with very little effort required to set them up. Read this article to find out more, and try out our example.


If you can predict which customers will buy your product and are valuable to you, Optalitix Models allows you to create a personalised sales process that focuses your effort on these valuable customers with no coding needed. This is important if you are generating lots of leads and want to manage the cost of selling to them. Not only that, but you can also create customised marketing messages and sales journeys for each customer with very little effort, and connect this to your website journey or sales CRM. We have pre-built templates that allow customers to build in multiple sales algorithms to assist in making a sale. You can configure the models in Excel, and we will host the models which can be connected to your website or CRM.

Sales templates you can use

Here are some examples of the sales algorithms that have been used to great effect by our clients, all hosted in Optalitix Models, and many of them built in spreadsheets. They are all available from our online template, and respond in real-time:

  • Predicting sales likelihood allows the sales team to focus on the best leads
  • The value of a customer can be predicted to ensure the sales process drives profitable sales
  • The product can be predicted based on customer demographics and other criteria
  • The optimal marketing message can be predicted based on demographic criteria
  • Sales agents can be selected based on defined lead criteria – e.g. geography, age, etc.

There are literally hundreds of different sales algorithms that can be used to boost your sales team’s performance and improve your sales outcome. And all of this can be programmed in your favorite system tool – the Excel spreadsheet – so that anyone can now create sales predictions, no developers are needed.


In just 5 minutes, the example below, including AI models, was converted from an Excel spreadsheet into an API accessible by quote websites, CRMs and client a t uses a small number of inputs (postcode, age, premium and number of quotes requested), we are able to create a detailed picture of the customer using:

  • external data to determine customer demographic insights such as affluence
  • historic data to predict sales and value outcomes using AI models (our model uses a randomly generated AI sales model)

The results from this model show us:

  • the likely conversion rate from different channels
  • customer value projected over 10 years allowing for expenses, commission and claims
  • marketing messages to provide on the website or via the call centre to improve conversion

Optalitix Models embeds these insight calculations from the Excel spreadsheet in this webpage - try it out! {{CODEModelWidgetSalesInsight}}

Dani Katz
Dani Katz
Founder Director

Dani’s actuarial experience and passion are key. He is a strong advocate of innovation, optimism and communication, both within the team and for the clients. Dani’s ability and experience with data ensure that we always maximise value and efficiency for every project, enabling us to unlock hidden value for the clients business.

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