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The Magic of AI

Demystifying AI is a challenge facing most businesses as automation and machine learning shift from being a luxury to a necessity in the drive for competitive advantage. A webinar shining a spotlight on artificial intelligence was recently hosted by Optalitix and attended by a select group of executives from within the insurance and financial services sector.


It started out with some entertainment from Nick Einhorn, a real magician, who showed that magic shows are just as possible in the virtual world as the physical world.



The presentation given by the Optalitix team addressed common misconceptions surrounding the implementation of AI and demonstrated that one did not need to be a magician in order to generate significant return on investment.


Optalitix then pulled their own rabbit out of a hat and used their technology magic to show how to transform spreadsheet models, which are traditionally cumbersome and complicated, into scalable web-based systems with inbuilt AI.


The audience were left both mesmerized and informed by this entertaining webinar which cut through the smoke and mirrors often associated with AI and lifted the curtain on how simple and effective the integration of AI can be.


To view this magical webinar, click here and contact Dani Katz at Optalitix with any enquiries.