Optalitix maintain that the ease with which Excel models can now be converted and the number of Excel models in existence requires a new age of system design that positions Excel modelers at the core of the intelligence built into these systems. While systems are still needed for complex connections and for data inputs and outputs, the heart of these systems (the calculations and IP stored in these models) will be adopted by the Excel modelers and their Excel converters.

This approach will significantly reduce the bottlenecks that currently exist in creating systems, and will lead to faster system development, lower costs and more imaginative system use cases as the 800m talented Excel users become system developers. The impact on companies will be similarly significant, with early adopters rapidly testing, publishing, and scaling new systems using the IP that their staff have currently got locked on their desktops.

For insurers, the ability to quickly create products with spreadsheet-driven pricing models which can be scaled in the cloud will make them more agile and far more profitable.