Not the advice one would expect to hear when attending an online technology seminar in the financial sector, however this was just some of the valuable insight offered by Buster Tolfree the Commercial Director – Mortgages at a Tip-Talks event co-sponsored by United Trust Bank and Optalitix.

Also on the panel were Jonathan Shapiro a co-founder at Optalitix a London based AI solutions provider, and Paul Brett Managing Director at Landbay, the buy to let mortgage experts.

In an age driven by technological optimization the panel addressed the influence that AI and machine learning can have on a lending business and reflected on user cases and their own personal AI integration experiences.

A robust audience of banking, mortgage, and lending professionals heard firsthand how AI optimizes as opposed to compromises the personal touch and how a business can recognize the AI sweet spot!

Identifying what to automate, when to automate and how to automate was a popular item on the agenda and it was agreed that if a task was easily taught, quickly adopted and required zero experience then AI and automation should be considered.

This Tip-Talks webinar was the first in a series taking a deeper dive into what exciting technologies will be impacting on financial services with the panelists exchanging honest and often frank perspectives on whether auto decisioning removes the personal touch.


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