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We specialise in working with start-ups looking to use or provide data and analytics services. As a Fintech start-up ourselves, and with many start-ups as clients, we understand that your requirements are different. We can help you use data better in your business, both with advice on how it can be used in your system design and in the analytics. We can help you to develop your website and back end systems to be smarter and to use data better. We specialise in leads data provision and qualification to give your business a quick start and provide customer conversion systems.

We offer a cloud based, rapidly deployed analytics system to help get your algorithms and data services to market, enabling production ready analytics systems available at short notice. We provide ready API’s both into and out of the system, and full hosting and database management.

We also understand the need for a measured approach to charging, and have a range of packages to suit each start-ups financial circumstances.

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Leads Hub is a leads marketplace that adapts to your business needs to improve your lead buying.

We connect you to compliant leads providers to give you a one stop shop for your sales leads purchases, and our customised integration ensures your leads are available for contact immediately.

Within leads hub, your own conversion and value models can be used to estimate lead value.

  • Seamless Integration
  • Hundreds of metrics to measure lead characteristics
  • Intelligent learning algorithms improve lead selection
  • Quantified lead value

Optalitix can help you design website that respond intelligently to data and insight models. Our team understands that innovative start-ups require more sophisticated analytical solutions to provide a competitive edge.

We can help you build a website that learns from your customer data which products they prefer, how likely they are to buy and the value to your business if they do.

  • Innovative analytics platforms
  • Analytical insights
  • Rapid development and deployment

Increase sales using Convert. Convert's sales insights give your customers a personal sales experience. The customer journey is enhanced and your sales team gets extra information about applicants.

Convert shortens the customer journey using data and allows you to put the customer at the centre of the process. You can personalise their experience to cater for their preferences. Insights are provided by external data and the Optalitix Decision Engine.

  • Increased sales
  • Specific targeting and retargeting of leads
  • “People like you” product choices
  • Create a competitive sales advantage

Make smarter online decisions using the latest algorithms and statistical models. The decision engine can be linked to any website or administration system, and supports a range of decisioning tools, from simple If-Then-Else functionality to more complex algorithms and machine learning formulae. The results of these decisions can be monitored using online dashboards and the effectiveness monitored using A/B testing.

We provide support in building, launching and monitoring the effectiveness of the Decision Engine, and can construct the underlying models to replicate your own data outcomes.

  • Smarter decisions using data
  • Rapid deployment
  • Monitoring via online dashboards
  • A/B testing using control groups



Optalitix technology enhances every customer interaction

The customer begins by providing some basic information.

Optalitix uses this limited data to greatly enhance the sales journey.


Internal company data informs us about other, similar customers, while Big Data inputs sourced by Optalitix provide additional insight.


The Optalitix Decision Engine applies smart algorithms and market insight in real-time.


Optalitix integration into customer contact systems provides an intelligent plan of action, whilst leveraging self learning intelligence to improve the fit using feedback from customer choices.

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Internal company data on this customer, and similar customers who have purchased, informs the customer journey.


Our Big Data resources pull in pertinent and valuable data points from outside sources to build a complete customer profile.

r e a l - t i m e
r e a l - t i m e


The models provide insight, helping clients determine product choice, conversion rate and customer value. This improves the customer experience and informs sales strategy.


The next best action is determined via smart algorithms and scenario analysis. An intelligent, refined sales approach is customised for each applicant.