Consulting strategies to enhance your business

Optalitix offers actuarial consulting, statistical modelling capabilities (machine learning, generalised linear models, client behaviour models), as well as data management (data cleaning, data warehousing, dashboards, etc.). These services are offered by experienced, highly qualified staff. We also offer lead optimisation analysis and advice.

We focus on the innovative use of data, in particular for insurers and banks. Here are a few of our past assignments:

Insurance Claims Analysis

 Motor insurance claims reserving and performance measurement.
 Work with a UK bancassurer on their data strategy for home and life insurance.
 Analysis of a general insurer’s claims experience and advice on claims management.

Sales and retention

 Data driven leads optimisation.
 Retention management for insurers.
 Data-based marketing strategy for life insurers entering the direct sales market.
 Analysis of Software as a Service products in sales and retention area using predictive analytics.

Capital Management and Valuation for insurers

 Cyber insurance scenario modelling.
 Work on capital assessments and embedded value calculations.

Credit modelling and banking

 Built loans management platform in specialised lending market.
 Design of a loans servicing platform.
 Designed and built a broking platform to give customers access to a panel of lenders at the click of a button.
 Generation of risk metrics linked with credit modelling.