Bespoke Insurance Software to Scale Your Business

Optalitix offers a fully supported insurance software which can be easily integrated and used to scale any insurance business or broker.

Founded in 2012, our team of in-house developers and data scientists have perfected our insurance solution to offer the full process including the customer web journey, leads manager, customer insights, underwriting, processing, finances and reporting.

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Our clients

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Our insurance software products

Our insurance solution is available in three different products:

  1. Leads Manager – Manage any leads coming into your business and monitor their progress to maximise conversions.
  2. Acumen – Create underwriting decisions and integrate these easily without needing a developer
  3. Underwrite – Track your underwriting progress, create diary entries and store policy documents

What insurance software is available from Optalitix

Customer web journey – Personalise the customer journey with your key questions, product types and requirements. Monitor progress at all points of the sales journey and connect it to your call centre to boost sales. Maximise your sales conversion by improving the customer application journey and capitalise on any upsell potential.

Leads manager – Use our leads management dashboard to find and search for any live and historical leads and enquiries. Use the tool to drive conversion and follow up with new and existing customers.

Customer insights – Access data on each customer and application and use this information to provide better quality and recommend other products and renewals.

Underwriting – Track the underwriting workflow and make rapid decisions to your decision engine and scoring without developer input. Track any live applications and store any insurance documents.

Manage brokers and insurers – Manage multiple partners on the site and access live reports on any leads and enquiries that they generate and convert into customers.

Finances – Monitor any insurance policies, pricing, claims, renewals and more. Process any income and payments out using our insurance software.

Reporting – Access live reporting on the full insurance customer process including any enquiries, live applications, conversions, data insights and more.

The benefits of using insurance software

The insurance software solution available from Optalitix allows easy integration of your underwriting and decisions without needing a developer.

You have the ability to make rapid changes to your underwriting decisions and scoring so that you can be robust and scalable.

Our system allows you to monitor your progress and gain insights into your data through live reporting of customers.

Any information and data is fully encrypted and secure to make sure that your insurance business is fully compliant from a data protection standpoint.

Insurance software from Optalitix is a full-suite of insurance software, providing a full out of the box solution without the need and time lag to build your own systems.

Why use Optalitix for insurance software?

We are an innovative team of actuary scientists and data analytics with a background of working in the life insurance industry.

Our product has already been adopted by some of the largest brands in the UK and we offer the expertise and implementation to grow and successfully scale your insurance business.

We also specialise in AI solutions and big data and can help you find new insights into your data and build models that can maximise conversion and minimise risk and cost.

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