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We build models using artificial intelligence to lower your costs, improve your efficiency and maximise your profit. Speak to an analyst today 020 3713 9585

    We are proud to appear in the Oxbow Impact 25 list of insurtechs in the UK. This is further validation of the value of our offering to insurers.
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    What they say
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    Optalitix's software products and analytics experts enabled UTB to build market-leading credit portals. Their professionalism, dedication and drive for innovation make them a joy to work with and give UTB a distinct advantage in our market.

    Harley Kagan, MD
    United Trust Bank

    Optalitix gives us clearer insight into our business using their advanced analytics tools and their AI-driven products. This has improved our financial performance across a broad range of metrics.

    David Mezher, CEO
    London Doctors Clinic

    Optalitix implements AI in the Vitality Health customer journey, ensuring the application process is efficient and intuitive. This has optimised our direct to customer acquisition performance resulting in a significant uplift in our direct sales.

    Dave Priestley, CDO
    Vitality Health

    Leveraging artificial intelligence to improve efficiency and profit

    • We work with businesses of all sizes across finance, banking, manufacturing, food and health
    • An experienced technology and analytical team, delivering predictive efficiency for your business
    • Helping you to gather information faster, respond faster and be more efficient

    Artificial Intelligence companies can help you leverage your company data and use it as a competitive advantage. Companies today generate millions of data points on a daily basis which can be analysed and used to build models to vastly improve the every day running of your business.

    At Optalitix, we take your data and build models that create predictive behaviour - helping you make key decisions for your business that can improve conversions, risk assessment, boost productivity and save you money.

    We have experience working as an artificial intelligence provider in London, the UK and the world and have successfully integrated AI models into businesses across tech, finance, insurance, health and more.

    You can start with a free demo today and we can demonstrate how artificial intelligence can help grow your business and maximise your profits. Speak to a member of the team by email on or call today on 020 3713 9585.


    What makes Optalitix special for artificial intelligence?


    Excel powered smart prediction and planning

    Allow artificial intelligence and data to future proof your business. Accurately predict and plan for future transactional activity.


    Our experts, your business

    Technology, data, development, project management and actuarial insight are fused to ensure clients benefit from a single artificial intelligence solution.


    Integration with any business

    Simple integration and our experience in deploying systems which have processed over 20 Million API calls takes the headache out of AI implementation for businesses of all sizes.

    Our clients

    London Doctors Clinic
    United Trust Bank

    Why Optalitix?

    Authoritative yet consultative
    Authoritative yet consultative

    Our highly skilled team removes the complexity surrounding data modeling and business analytics.

    Cost effective
    Cost effective

    Optalitix work with start-ups through to mature corporates. A flexible approach to AI implementation.

    Future proof
    Future proof

    Customers who implement an Optalitix AI machine learning solution do so with the confidence that their business is sustainable.

    More than just software

    We are a team of real people creating value in a digital world

    Jonathan Shapiro Founder

    Jonathan Shapiro

    jonathan-shapiro-optalitix Jon's fusion of entrepreneurial finesse and software engineering expertise are key components of what Optalitix share with all of our clients. His deep IT experience and his passion for AI and data driven solutions ensure that every Optalitix client is able to extract the maximum value from their business.
    Dani Katz Founder

    Dani Katz

    dani-katz-optalitix As a founder of Optalitix, Dani's actuarial experience and passion are a key. He is a strong advocate of innovation, optimisation and communication, both within our team and for our clients. Dani's ability and experience with data ensure that we always maximise value and efficiency for every project, enabling us to unlock hidden value for their businesses.
    Gavin Sinai Development

    Gavin Sinai

    gavin-sinai-optalitix Gavin leads the Optalitix Software development team, responding accurately and efficiently to the bespoke requirements of each client. A passionate computer scientist, Gavin's expertise has been honed during more than 12 years experience in commercial software development.
    Alistair King Analytics

    Alistair King

    Alistair-king As an actuary and data scientist, Alistair's career has focused on analyzing customer challenges and building solutions that provide clients with a competitive edge. He appreciates that return on investment is paramount and his sharp analytical skills help extract value from every business proposition.
    Ashter Chomoko Technology

    Ashter Chomoko

    ashter-chomoko-optalitix Ashter leads the Optalitix technical team, offering our clients the seasoned experience garnished from many years spent in challenging technical environments. He has produced complex technology solutions for start ups, scale ups and mature corporates with a very successful track record of delivery.